sábado, 29 de mayo de 2010

My Daily routine

Hi, this is my daily routine:

I get up at six o'clock (6:00).

I brush my teeth at six ten (6:10).

I wash my face at six twenty (6:20).

I take a shower at half past six (6:30).

I get dressed at six forty (6:40).

I breakfast at six fifty (6:50).

I go to work with my father at seven (7:00).

I get Home at half past eleven (11:30).

I take a shower at twelve o'clock (12:00).

I wait the bus to go to university at half past twelve (12:30).

I get Home at half past six (6:30).

I do my homework at seven o'clock (7:00).

I sleep at night eleven (11:00).
Live life as they see fit ...
Orlan >_<

martes, 18 de mayo de 2010

My schedules, Homework

This is my schedules..

On Monday, Logica class at two-twenty (2:20), then I have Math II classes at three-forty (3:40)
On Tuesday, one class of English II (1:00), I have followed Linnaean Algebra class at three (3:00).
On Wednesday, I go early, starting nine with sports training (9:00), and then free time until the one that I have math class II (1:00)

*Welcome to my blog*

Welcome to my blog.. In this blog, you can read about me and my english class II.
This blog is my homework
My name is Orlando Guerrero, I´m 17 years old, I´m studying at URBE.
I live in Virgen del Carmen, Maracaibo.
I like the music, film, visit my girlfriend and much more